I have been practicing yoga for for almost four years. I teach Vinyasa Flow yoga and Yin Yoga and am a certified Curvy Yoga teacher.

I first came to the practice as a way to force myself to try something new. I was initially afraid of trying yoga as I had become excessively conscious of how limiting my weight was to me athletically, but overtime I discovered how to get the most from my practice despite this. I discovered a culture and a community which I loved, which was focused on your own personal growth and accepting of the fact that we are all starting from different places. It gave me a route out of the depression and lethargy caused by being overweight and helps me to experiment with and rediscover the capabilities of my own body.

So that I could share this experience with others I qualified as a Yoga Alliance 200hr RYA vinyasa yoga teacher, I am also qualified to teach Yin Yoga and have completed 40hrs of Advanced Anatomy Training. Before I turned to yoga my fitness experience was primarily in Martial Arts, I have experience as a Judo coach which  has influenced my practice as it has made me passionate about creating an atmosphere where people can push and challenge themselves and grow.

My teaching style focuses on showing students how to get the most out of their practice, for me its about showing people how to connect with each other, experiment in their practice, encouraging them to push out of their comfort zone and have an amazing time in the process. I believe that yoga should be accessible for all shapes and sizes of people and I promise to bring everything that I have learnt about how your practice can be adapted to your individual body to show you how yoga can work for you!